MUST WATCH: Man base jumps from 1,400ft tower into a swimming pool on the roof of another building

Jump took part at the KL Tower International Jump event in Kuala Lumpur

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Tiny cameras such as the GoPro have allowed us mere mortals to watch people perform death-defying stunts, dive underwater and even jump from space.

The latest such video, taken at the KL Tower International Jump event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in September, sees one base jumper leap from the 1,381ft KL Tower onto another building...

But not only does John van Horne, one of more than 100 jumpers to take part in the event, dive off the building - he lands straight into a pool party that's taking place on the roof of another 34-storey building.


Way to make an entrance to that party.

"The kind of fun part for us is the 'make it or you're in trouble' kind of way because there's nowhere else to land," Van Horne told ABC News.

"Figured we'd make a big entrance to the party," he added.