Off With My Head, Son

How the world of sport saw the royal wedding
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Those seeking alternative commentary on Kate's and Will's nuptials could have done worse than follow on Twitter the nation's sporting elite – for whom training yesterday appears to have consisted of sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV.

Mr and Mrs Beckham both looking very nice... #inmyopinion


Im gonna send Will a bbm asking if he wants to spend his honeymoon with Kate watching us down at eastlands vs Man City!


Loving Williams gloves.. Is he coming to the crucible to referee??


If Kate had gone primark and purchased her dress from there she would have become 'the peoples Princess' instantly! #justsaying


Lads, you have never had a better excuse for golf, your missus won't even ask or care where you are!


I'm watching the Royal Wedding now. It is wonderful. Very beautiful and people a lot in London


Mr and Mrs Beckham looking very nice


Congrats to prince William and Kate. Wow what a turnout.


Yes,a claret Bentley for William! Up the Villa!


Got an obstructed view seat and I'll have to borrow 20 quid off someone for the collection box forgot my wallet !


Kate looks absolutely stunning!!!! LOVE her dress! Her sister Pippa is soo gorgeous, all about her and Prince Harry getting together!!!!


Prince Harry in the carriage with the flower girls just melted my heart


S0rry can't take n0 m0re g0ing t0 kick ball with the b0ys :)