Outside Edge (08/11/09)

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Josh Lewis was told he would never play sport after he suffered 45 per cent burns in an arson attack 10 years ago, but the 14-year-old from Stapenhill, Staffordshire, has just won the bronze medal for Under-17s at the World Karate Championships in Huelva, Spain. He took it up aged six after being bullied at school. If only he could inspire the pupils of Northfleet Technology College in Kent, who have been told they can play Nintendo Wii if they don't like PE classes. Parents are being accused of restricting children's outdoor activities by buying designer clothing which is too expensive to ruin. But like, it's not like they don't like sport. One in 20 kids think Hitler was a German football coach.


Height in feet of the world's highest-ever game of bingo, at base camp on Mount Everest. A team of 25 organised by Gala Coral raised £100,000 for Sue Ryder Care after two weeks of climbing. And their teeth went clickety-click.

Ruff justice of the week

Police have apologised to six actors from the recent film 'The Firm' whose faces were publicised in a search for real-life hooligans involved in the trouble at West Ham's match against Millwall in August. The officers didn't realise they were watching footage from the movie because the sound was turned down. Burnley fan Michael Lewis has avoided a jail sentence despite breaching a banning order for hooliganism by watching Blackpool when he went on holiday with his dog. "I wouldn't like to go to prison today," he told magistrates. "Years ago I wouldn't have bothered but I now have a little dog, who is like a son to me, and I would miss him." Next time he will have his collar felt.

Good week for

Martin Johnson, England coach, was named Player of the Century at Twickenham's centenary dinner... Hideki Matsui, first Japanese to win Most Valuable Player award in a World Series, equalling the record of six RBIs for the New York Yankees in game six... and Steven Morrison, caught the largest common skate in Britain, 225lb, in the Outer Hebrides.

Bad week for

Chris Arreola, US heavyweight banned for six months by the World Boxing Council for exclaiming: "Fuck that, I'm coming back," in a press conference following his defeat by Vitali Klitschko... Doug Barron, first golfer to be banned for performance-enhancing drugs... and CSKA Sofia, who had nine of their players suspended for drinking and "ruining the club's atmosphere" after their defeat by Litex Lovech.

Crown duels of the week

An angel fell to earth. Rachel Christie, Linford's niece and an aspiring heptathlete, has given up her crown as the first black Miss England after a porn-themed soirée at a nightclub in Manchester at which Rachel, dressed as an angel – what's that got to do with porn? – allegedly assaulted Sara Beverley Jones over a text the latter is said to have been sent by Rachel's boyfriend David McIntosh, aka Tornado of TV's 'Gladiators'. A Roman emperor might have given the beauty queen the thumbs down, but our Queen might well have approved. She is said to be "very supportive" of her footman David Hintz, who has just won the British heavyweight wrestling crown. So long as he changes his tights.