Outside Edge: No Kidding, Eddie has finished

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Eddie Kidd, the former stunt rider, completed the London Marathon last week after being told that he would never walk again.

It took him 43 days to finish the course, an astonishing triumph of willpower because Kidd suffered serious head and pelvic injuries after a failed stunt jumping over a speeding car on a motorbike in 1996. He walked with a special frame and wore a sensor on his left leg to stimulate his nerves and muscles.

His efforts have raised £75,000 for charity so far, though what he did to deserve Ray Winstone slapping him on the back at the finish line is anyone's guess.

In the United States, Tanner Foust has broken the world record for jumping in a four-wheel drive vehicle, clearing 332ft at the Indy 500 race in the United States – though we should add the stunt was not part of the race. It seems a good idea to perform such feats in a Chelsea tractor. His next challenge is to compete in the school run.


The depth of the Palau Trench in the Pacific Ocean, across which Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere swum for five miles to break the record for the deepest location for an open-water swim. He managed it 10 weeks after he had been unable to swim a length. The show is now called Deep Blue Peter.

Keep your cox in boat at all times

Talk about naked ambition... It must be one of the more bizarre world records, but Keith Whelan was trying to become the youngest man to row across the Indian Ocean in the nude. And he wasn't even that young, at 29.

The Irishman was attempting to complete a 3,720-mile crossing but his boat was struck by a large wave while he slept off the coast of Western Australia, he hit his head and had to be rescued by a passing Japanese ship, whose crew may well have been bemused to discover his, er, lack of luggage.

Another person who found herself in strife after stripping off was Tracy Chandler, aka Doncaster Rovers' mascot Donny Dog. She was sacked by the club after four years for posing in lingerie for a children's charity.

But she has since got her job back after fans complained – it was Rovers chairman John Ryan who was in the doghouse.

Good week

Placido Domingo, the Spanish opera singer, was invited by Sepp Blatter to join Fifa's "council of wisdom" to help restore the reputation of football's world governing body...

Rob Tyson, 67, hit two holes-in-one at Elgin Golf Club in Scotland after 35 years without managing the feat – but took nine shots after the first one due to his excitement...

Cliff Gardner, a Crystal Palace supporter from Eastbourne, has had his stairlift upholstered in the club colours – a first for the manufacturer Stannah.

Bad week

Iranian women footballers, who missed out on qualification for London 2012 after they were disqualified by Fifa for wearing headscarves in an Olympic qualifier against Jordan...

EDF Energy, one of the sponsors of London 2012, failed to come up with a low-carbon fuel for the Olympic torch four years after promising they would...

Elway, a little-known punk band from Colorado, were told to change their name by lawyers for the former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway.

Come on humans! Shout yourself horse

It hasn't exactly been the most exciting weekend of mainstream sport but there have been thrills and spills on the extreme periphery.

Yesterday the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells was hosting the Man Versus Horse Race, which was once again won by the equine side. More than 300 solo runners, 111 relay teams of three, and 50 four-legged competitors took part with Betty Gordon, riding Next in Line Grangeway, coming home in 2hr 8min 37sec, 17 minutes ahead of the first human, Charlie Pearson, proving once more that four legs are better than two; humans have only won the race twice, in 2004 – when Huw Lobb won £25,000 for being the first winner – and again in 2007.

And in Yorkshire it was time for one of the laziest races of all – at least for one contestant – the Great Knaresborough Bed Race. More than 300 teams of seven turned up this year, with six people pushing the bed and one lucky contestant lying on it. They can dream of glory.