Outside Edge: Wounded walking with pride

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Walking With The Wounded's journey to the North Pole began yesterday with the aim of raising £2m for wounded ex-servicemen and women.

Four soldiers injured in Afghanistan are undertaking the trek: Martin Hewitt (paralysed right arm), Steve Young (fractured vertebra), Guy Disney (amputated right leg) and Jaco van Gass (amputated left arm).

Meanwhile French TV repair man Serge François has hiked more than 1,000 miles along the pilgrims' trail to Santiago de Compostela in Spain after his paralysed left leg was cured when he paid a visit to Lourdes. He went to the grotto in 2002 and his startling recovery may be recognised as the 68th official "miracle" at the Catholic shrine.

And Arizona State's Anthony Robles has won the national college wrestling championships in the 125kg weight class despite having been born with one leg. He has now retired and hopes to be a motivational speaker. His actions speak loud enough.


Time in hours, minutes and seconds that DJ Giel Beelen spent being held up by 250 helpers in Hilversum, Holland, in order to break the world record for "crowd-surfing".

"Every couple of minutes you're getting jabbed in the ribs or worse," he said. He's lucky the crowd didn't just download him.

Breakdance ruins fitness regime

The construction projects for London 2012 may be on time and on budget but preparations for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 encountered one or two hurdles: Margaret and Jack Jaconelli.

The couple, who are in their fifties, first defied the compulsory purchase order on their flat, which is to be demolished to make way for athletes' shops and restaurants, then an eviction notice before 60 police officers broke into their barricaded house at 5am and forced them to leave.

From heavy-handed to heavy-footed as a Zumba dance class at the Addison Centre in Bedford has been evicted because it is claimed the dancers are so overweight that they caused the floor to "shift". Zumba was invented as a keep-fit exercise, so there's a flaw in the plan. The problem is they dance on the same spot, but they were only trying to shake it all about.

Good week

Rogerio Ceni became the first goalkeeper to score 100 goals, for Sao Paulo against Corinthians – the 38-year-old former Brazil stopper struck 56 free-kicks and 44 penalities...

Natalie Redgrave, the daughter of Sir Steve, won the women's Boat Race at Henley with Oxford's crew...

Jockeys will have branding for the haulage company Eddie Stobart Group across the seat of their breeches in a deal that will permit the revival of the riders' insurance fund in cases of career-threatening injuries.

Bad week

Svetlana Raznatovic, aka Ceca, Serbian folk singer and former wife of warlord Arkan, faces trial for allegedly profiting from the transfer of footballers while she was president of FK Obilic in Belgrade...

Olle Frisk, a 12-year-old Swedish boy, was mauled by a brown bear while skiing off piste in Funasdalen because he disturbed the hibernating animal in its lair...

Manchester United were voted Britain's most hated company by 26 per cent in a survey; Ryanair came second with 23 per cent and British Gas third with 22.

The horror, the horror: Look away now

It's been a week in which sport's dreams turned into nightmares. In San Francisco, baseball legend Barry Bonds' former mistress Kimberley Bell took the stand in his trial for perjury and claimed he repeatedly threatened to cut her head off and leave it in a ditch and cut out her breast implants because he had paid for them.

In Durban, former Blue Bulls rugby player Joseph Ntshongwana has gone on trial accused of murdering three men with an axe, decapitating one of them and leaving the head in a dustbin a mile away. Fans of Cucuta Deportivo in Colombia smuggled the coffin of Christoper Jacome, a 17-year-old gunshot victim, into the stadium of his beloved team so he could attend one last match against Envigado.

And in Mohali, cricket nut Sanjay Kumar Sen was offering one of his kidneys in return for a ticket to the World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan. Let's hope he didn't offer to sell the other one to get into yesterday's final.