Rowing: Natalie follows in the wake of famous father

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Natalie Redgrave, Sir Steve Redgrave's 19-year-old daughter, won the biggest race of her rowing career when she was part of the Oxford crew that beat Cambridge in the Women's Boat Race at Henley yesterday, writes Paul Newman.

Natalie, who is studying medicine at Pembroke College, was watched by her father and mother, Ann, who is the doctor to the British rowing team. She said the race had been the most nerve-wracking experience of her life. Had she sought her father's advice? "I spoke to him," Natalie said. "He was just giving the same advice everyone gives: 'Eat well, sleep well, stay calm, just row your race'."

Did having such a successful father put extra pressure on her? "He did amazing things, but I'm my own person. We've all been selected on our own merits. I was just one of the girls." Asked what she might like to achieve in rowing, she replied: "I want to row in the Boat Race next year, but I don't know about anything beyond that."