Something For The Weekend: 01/10/2011


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It's squeaky bum time for...

Emmanuel Adebayor

Of all the entertaining Premier League side-shows, few are better than that between Emmanuel Adebayor and Arsenal.

Nearly one year after their last meeting, they reunite tomorrow afternoon. Adebayor looks like a man searching for a cause (having been routed by Carlos Tevez as English football's most self-absorbed striker). He now seeks the best possible revenge on Arsenal for selling him: leading Tottenham beyond Arsenal to Champions League qualification. How much enduring damage could he have done to Arsenal from Manchester City, or even from Real Madrid? Much less, surely, than if he can reverse the north London balance. And if he scores tomorrow, expect him to remind his friends in White Hart Lane's south-west corner about it.

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Pants performance from ref

Write a list of what bedevils English football: ticket prices, tackling, offensive chants, spiralling wages, mercenary players, lack of competitiveness and the dislocation of clubs from their traditional communities. Not, though, for Darren Adie, the referee in Bath City's FA Youth Cup tie with Newport County this week. Adie was crusading against a rather different evil: non-conforming underwear. Under Fifa rules, players' undershorts must be the same colour as their football shorts. Armed with this diktat, the Mary Whitehouse of match officials dismissed two Bath City players for colour-clashing 20 minutes into the game. Bath manager Billy Clarke was furious, and was himself sent off, along with another three of his players. Correctly-panted Newport strode to a 6-0 victory.

Have you been paying attention?

1. Arsenal midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replaced who as the youngest English Champions League goalscorer?

2. How many South African-born players were included in England's 15-man ODI squad to tour India?

3. How many Tests are England due to play against West Indies and South Africa next summer?

4. Against whom did Carlos Tevez score his last Manchester City goal?

5. Before today's games, which player had scored the most points in this year's Rugby World Cup?

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