Something for the weekend: 05/11/11


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It's squeaky-bum time for...

England’s 13 men

When rugby league’s Four Nations began a week ago, there was talk about how the 13-man code could benefit from England’s pitiful effort in the 15-man World Cup. That’s all very well, but if England lose at a canter to the Aussies again, they can forget about converting a single member of the Barbour-and-strong-views-on-immigration mob. League’s perennial problem – in the eyes of the union fraternity – has been the lack of a serious international dimension. Gareth Ellis and Co can begin to challenge that today.

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More stuff about Twitter

Names are so old-fashioned, aren't they? Hats off, then, to Mexican club Chiapas, who have put players' Twitter monikers on their shirts. Just think what this could do for English football – Rooney could become, er, @WayneRooney. Chiapas striker Jackson Martinez (@jacksonm9) is already feeling the benefit: 969 (count 'em) followers.