Something For The Weekend: 19/11/2011


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It's squeaky bum time for...

Newcastle United

Can the dream continue? The most remarkable start to a season since Amr Zaki meets its fiercest test today, as Alan Pardew and his team go to Manchester City.

Two teams who wallowed in under-achievement now sit first and third. Of course, a team that loses £194.9m in a year ought to be top – but Mike Ashley's prudence makes Newcastle's success more impressive. Expensive players have been replaced by better, cheaper men and now Newcastle look the model of good running, give or take a certain Arena.

Stories you might have missed

Gudgin's very final score

This afternoon will feature Tim Gudgin's last-ever reading-out of the football scores on BBC's Final Score. A shame for the game; few possess the 82-year-old's gift of telling so much about a match through manipulative intonation of the score-line. The rise, the fall, the pause, the pace: a master of his craft. Saturday evenings will never be quite the same.

Have you been paying attention?

1. Which three batsmen did Jacques Kallis join when passing 12,000 Test runs this week?

2. Who last weekend became the 60th player used during Fabio Capello's England reign?

3. What milestone did Egypt's Ahmed Hassan reach against Brazil this week?

4. How many of his 38 games in charge of England did Martin Johnson lose?

5. Who has won more F1 races this season: Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button?