Something For The Weekend: 22/10/2011


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It's squeaky-bum time for...

Steve Bruce

One point from the bottom of the table, with one league win so far: Steve Bruce's Sunderland have already reached the depths of discord, fecklessness and abject football which they usually take until nearly Easter to reach.

Their ragtag band of thrown-togethers make Manchester City look like an object lesson in unity and solidarity. Today they travel to Bolton Wanderers, who have also started the season in reverse. Whichever side loses can look forward to replacing the stabilising Arsenal as the league's crisis club.

Stories you might have missed

Guns go down badly

Who says that football clubs lack a social conscience? Mexican side Chivas fined Marco Fabian and Alberto Medina 50,000 pesos (£2,300) each for celebrating a goal by performing a mock execution: Fabian shooting Median in the head. There were 15,000 murders in Mexico last year: this was not in the best taste.

Have you been paying attention?

1. Who did Wayne Rooney surpass as the leading English scorer in Champions League history?

2. How many singles titles has Andy Murray lifted this year?

3. Fernando Torres scored twice in a match for the first time since when?

4. Who beat France in their two previous rugby World Cup final appearances?

5. Who was the last England bowler to dismiss M S Dhoni in an ODI match?