Something For The Weekend: 24/09/2011


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It’s squeaky-bum time for...

Chelsea's attacking approach

Andre Villas-Boas was, for possibly the first time, in full "Mourinho mode" yesterday, standing up for his new attacking philosophy at Chelsea.

He said his team had had the most chances at Old Trafford last Sunday, and suffered only from a "problem of efficiency". But after five league fixtures this season, Chelsea have scored as many goals as Sergio Aguero, and one fewer than Wayne Rooney, despite home games against West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City. This afternoon, though, they have the chance to face another promoted team at Stamford Bridge. Swansea come to town, and how Villas-Boas must hope his players – including a certain Spaniard – show some efficiency because they won't get an easier chance to binge on goals until Arsenal in five weeks' time.

Stories you might have missed

Maradona kicks out for family

Do not stand between Diego Maradona and his family. Or, at least, do not disrupt Maradona mid-family-friendly photo-call. The legendary player, now coach of Al Wasl (following a family tradition of taking up offers of UAE-derived largesse), was posing with a banner before a match against Dubai. The banner was a message from his two-year-old grandson, Benjamin Maradona Aguero, and had also been signed by the toddler, who is said to already be attracting interest from the Manchester City academy. One Al Wasl fan lifted up the banner for a glimpse of Maradona, and was kicked, hard, in the arm. "I apologise to the fan I hurt," explained a semi-repentant El Diego, "but I wanted the banner to be seen."

Have you been paying attention?

1. Which former England bowler announced his retirement from the game at the age of 40?

2. Who set a new South Africa try-scoring record with his effort in the victory over Namibia in Auckland?

3. Which three clubs were victorious in penalty shoot-outs in this week's Carling Cup third round?

4. Which English golfer won the BMW Championship in Chicago by two shots last weekend?

5. Owen Hargreaves lasted more than 10 minutes on a football pitch for the first time in how many months?