Something From The Weekend: Beth Tweddle; Feyenoord; Siesta champion

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The Good

Beth Tweddle

If you read about a British sports star getting dolled up in a ridiculous outfit and hitting the bars, it tends to be a grim story of squandered talent and wasted opportunity. But in Beth Tweddle's case, the truth couldn't be more different. The plucky British gymnast reclaimed her world uneven bars title in Rotterdam on Saturday in classic style, triumphing as the challenge from the two Chinese favourites literally fell away. Some observers have suggested that, at 25, Tweddle is a gym veteran and should hang up her leotard, but she's having none of it. "Everyone keeps telling me how old I am but the motivation is there, and the main motivation is London 2012," Tweddle said.

The Bad


PSV 10 Feyenoord 0. No one can have predicted the outcome of yesterday's meeting of two of the Netherlands' supposed "Big Three". The 14-times champions and former European Cup winners were only 2-0 down at the break before PSV's goal flurry handed them a worst-ever defeat. Earlier this week struggling Feyenoord's manager Mario Been said: "I want to get this club out of trouble and I will succeed, I am absolutely convinced of that." After this rout he is probably a has Been.

The Odd

Siesta champion

Pedro Soria Lopez of Ecuador won €1,000 and the respect of a nation when he triumphed in the inaugural Spanish Siesta contest in a Madrid shopping centre on Saturday. His 17-minute shut-eye included a healthy 70-decibel snoring level. The 62-year-old security guard also impressed with his speed falling asleep on the competition sofa and his original kipping position. The contest is part of a campaign to preserve the tradition of afternoon napping. If the authorities are serious about getting people to sleep on Saturdays they should send a delegation over to Blighty to watch Alan Shearer on MoTD. They'll be out like a light.