Something From The Weekend: Olympic football goes East-End; Game kicks off at final whistle; British talents deliver goods

The Good, The Bad and The Odd
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The Good

Olympic football goes East-End

The excitement surrounding the build-up to next year's Olympic Games is palpable, with "a year-to-go" signs doubtless coming to a store/newspaper near you very soon. If you weren't already excited enough, one of the more unusual developments has now come to fruition. Adidas gave the British public the chance to name the official football that's to be used in the event at the Games. After filing through 12,000 unique entries, selectors have opted for the pick of Bob Ashcroft from Derbyshire. He called it: "The Albert", inspired by the cockney rhyming slang of "Albert Hall". What next? Will the discus be named "The Eye" after the London Eye? That might leave a legacy.

The Bad

Game kicks off at final whistle

English football fans fans may have breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the Premier League's on-field action never gets quite as graphic as the aggressive scenes after Saturday's Military World Games final in Brazil. Algeria were the winning side, beating Egypt 1-0, but ignominy followed the final whistle. Knowing they had missed out on winning their sixth football gold medal at the Military Games, the fuse of Egypt's players suddenly blew – especially that of the 31-year-old forward Ahmed Eid. He chased an Algerian player before catching him with a wild kung fu-style kick, after which chaos ensued, with players from both sides throwing kicks and punches. Shameful stuff – at least Eric Cantona was provoked.

The Odd

British talents deliver goods

After the disappointment comes the near deification. So much distress has surrounded British sport the past few months, from the England women's penalty shoot-out heartache to Andy Murray's humbling at Wimbledon, but the weekend witnessed only effusive praise for our sportspeople. Amir Khan, dressed in his baggy, green long-shorts, KOd American Zab Judah inside five rounds, Lewis Hamilton won a thrilling German Grand Prix and Mark Cavendish prevailed in the final stage of the Tour de France to claim the coveted green jersey for best sprinter. Let's hope Britain's stars continue to shine until 12 August – the final day of the London Olympics next year.