Something From The Weekend: Welsh football; Cristiano Ronaldo; The All Blacks; Power Snooker profanity

The Good, The Bad, and the Odd
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The Good

Welsh football

Cardiff are now top of the Championship and their pals in Swansea remain third. The Bluebirds were last in the top flight in 1962-63, while the Swans spent two seasons there from 1981 to 1983. There have never been two Welsh sides in the English top division at the same time, but that could soon change. It might be time for a trip to the bookies, boyos.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The marvel from Madeira has scored 13 goals in his last nine games for club and country, and his record for Real Madrid stands at just under a goal a game. "I am in phenomenal shape and on a great run of form," he said, modestly, after his two goals on Saturday in Real's 3-1 win over Hercules. He's not wrong, though. It sounds mad to suggest it, but maybe £80m was a bargain for the twinkle-toed, permatanned prince.

The Bad

The All Blacks

Having won 15 games on the trot, New Zealand looked in formidable form to face England next weekend and seemed a safe bet to win next year's World Cup on home soil. Then, on Saturday, they succumbed to Australia and coach Graham Henry was forced to defend his side from claims they had peaked too early. "I don't think it's going to affect what's going to happen next year," said Henry of the defeat. "I think if you look at the history of Rugby World Cups and form going into it, I don't think there's a lot of correlation." Perhaps not, but when it comes to the All Blacks being tipped to win the World Cup and then ultimately choking, there is a very direct correlation.

The Odd

Power Snooker profanity

Snooker's attempt to embrace the future was widely seen as a success after the first tournament at London's O2 was won by the sport's poster boy, Ronnie O'Sullivan. But the Rocket couldn't help indulging in a bit of old-school billiards behaviour, swearing in a live TV interview. It seems you can drag snooker into the 21st century, but you can't stop the players acting like they're in a 1980s boozer.