'The best thing that could happen to the division': Reaction to a heavyweight achievement

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*He had the talent, speed and ability to beat the guy. It took guts to come from cruiserweight and fight a man mountain like he did. He stuck to his guns. - Frank Bruno (former world champion)

This is what the world wanted. David's in the right place and the right time, says the right things, looks the right way and there are some big money fights out there for him. All of a sudden the heavyweight division has a star and is lit up. Glenn McCrory (pundit and ex-boxer)

"I'm delighted – it's the best thing that could happen to the division. Massive time now for heavyweight boxing – thanks to David Haye." Jim Watt (commentator and ex-boxer)

*Nobody can tell me Valuev is a quality heavyweight. He is not even an average heavyweight. People talk about Valuev like he is something special – he is probably one of the poorest heavyweights ever seen. Everybody gets carried away. Just because he is a giant of a man it doesn't mean he is a good fighter. John Ruiz was beaten by Roy Jones. It is when you start talking about the Klitschkos, they are totally different fights. They are guys who can box and throw punches. That is when you'll see whether Haye can do it at that level. Frank Warren (promoter)

*Full congratulations. It was a good performance, a good points win. It was very close. It is a good fight for the future, maybe. I am the holder of the WBC belt, the belt that Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and George Foreman held. I am ready to fight anyone in the world. I am ready to show to everyone I am the strongest in the world. Vladimir Klitschko (heavyweight)

*It was a perfectly executed gameplan by David. Today is really the beginning of a new time for the heavyweight division and the sport of boxing. There are a lot of champions and stars out there but really very few who have the talent and skills inside the ring but who can transcend that with their charisma outside. And if you were to rank them, then at the top is David Haye. Congratulations, David, on behalf of all the fight fans. We were waiting for someone like you to enter the heavyweight division. Richard Schaefer (US boxing promoter)

*I would love to fight Haye in England. I'm 5-0 in my record fighting in England, and I'm relishing another. John Ruiz (heavyweight)

It shows how strong a heavyweight David Haye is. If you can hurt a giant like that then I think he can hurt anyone. Schaefer