The Ten Best NBA Playoffs

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On Wednesday night the marathon 2008-2009 NBA regular season came to a close.

Three of Wednesday's fourteen games went into overtime and, with none of the Playoff match-ups decided until the buzzers went across America, the regular-season has whetted the appetites of basketball fans all over the world.

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Cleveland Cavalier's LeBron James has been this season's outstanding performer. The 24-year-old's rousing performances have made the Cavs the team to beat and his lung-busting efforts continue to defy the band of basketball purist naysayers who follow him around the league.

Just in case the regular-season dramatics haven't proved temptation enough, here is a Top Ten Playoff moments from throughout the history of the game, which will hopefully leave you salivating at the prospect of the next two months of Playoff action.

2009 NBA Playoffs:

Eastern Conference

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls

Orlando Magic v Philadelphia Sixers

Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat

Western Conference

L.A. Lakers v Utah Jazz

Denver Nuggets v New Orleans Hornets

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas Mavericks

Portland Blazers v Houston Rockets