Video: Canadian ice climber endures 100ft fall - before walking away unscathed

'Things changed dramatically' says ice climber who survived terrifying drop

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It might be part of his everyday job, but nearly plummeting to his death was certainly not on the task list for one ice climber.

John Freeman, an ice climbing expert and instructor, was scaling  a pillar of ice when it became detached from a rock.

Footage from his helmet-cam, courtesy of Epic TV, shows Freeman was wearing no harness, leaving him helpless as the ice crumbled away from the mountain.

With a drop of more than 100ft below him, Freeman describes the fear he had as shards of ice broke off as he fell, putting his life in serious danger.



But, as his fellow climber came to his aid, the adrenaline junkie seemed in perfect shape to continue climbing and showed no indication he give up after cheating death.