Video: Incredible footage of late wingsuit pilot Brian Drake's final flight as he shoots through the French Alps just a month before suffering his tragic death

Drake was killed along with two other wingsuit pilots in an accident in April, but this video pays tribute to his life as a final reminder of what he loved doing

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A tribute to the late Brian Drake has been released that shows incredible footage of the wingsuit pilot shows his breath-taking final flight along a valley in the French Alps.

Drake sadly succumbed to injuries sustained in an accident in April 2014, but with the consent of his parents Jason and Holly Drake, his friend Vincent Descols released the footage of their March 2014 flight in le Pic de la Grave in Les Deux Alpes.

Tributes to Drake flooded in, but it is perhaps the footage of what is truly a remarkable piece of footage that does him the most justice. Titled “A Tribute to Brian Drake’s Life in the Sky”, it’s hard not to feel moved by the video as he flies dangerously close to the mountain edge.

At the start of the clip, a message appears from his parents, reading: “Brian’s extraordinary life was one of unshakable faith, enjoyable abandon, and expressive gratitude. He left an indelible imprint on all who knew him. We miss him very much.

Drake passed away on Wednesday 2 April, aged 33, after suffering fatal injuries during a jump from a helicopter near Bern. Both Dan Vicary, 33, and French wingsuit icon Ludovic Woerth, 34, were also killed in the tragic accident.