Video: Man rescued after becoming 'vertically pinned' in kayak under waterfall

Friends were quick to act after the kayak enthusiast became lodged between two rocks in Devon

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Kayaking has always been a sport for thrill seekers, but for Mark Hardingham the excitement veered off course into dangerous territory at the weekend.

Hardingham and friends were paddling down the Lyn in Devon on Saturday when he became lodged between two rocks.

GoPro camera footage, which appears on EpicTV, shows the dramatic moment as Hardingham becomes 'vertically pinned', locking him in position under a fast flowing waterfall.

The rest of the party are seen taking swift action in the footage, acting to release Hardingham from the frightening situation.

Hardingham was dislodged unhurt, but the footage will be a strong reminder of the dangers of taking to the whitewater, and the importance of paddling with good friends and carrying safety gear.