Video: Speed rider paraglides onto mountain in Chamonix, triggers avalanche, then escapes it by doing a barrel role

The mountain has taken many lives but thankfully not on this occasion

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Speed rider David Bozon took on the treacherous Aiguille Du Midi in Chamonix only to find himself setting off an avalanche.

Having touched down on the mountain by parachute, Bozon set the snow sliding at 3,600m above sea level and after continuing down the mountain on skis, manages to ride back out of it 200m later.

The incredible footage was caught on camera by Nicolas Blanchard, who explained the dangers of taking on Aiguille Du Midi.

"The North face of the Aiguille has taken many lives (skiers, alpinists, paragliders, speed riders), so one always feels somewhat apprehensive when standing at the top," he said.

"There is no room for error, it's a very unforgiving face. Once you're flying above the hanging glacier, you have to be committed as there is no way out. The only way out is down, regardless of what happens. When the avalanche kicked off, David was getting close to cliff, he was getting ready for his take-off so he just went for it and flew around it for fun instead of flying away."

Check out the incredible footage, which was filmed last week, below...



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