VIDEO: Surfer takes on huge waves amid 'The Black Swell' sweeping over the Atlantic

'It's as dangerous as it gets' explains big wave rider

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While for most the recent weather conditions have brought misery - for a few it has brought the thrill of a lifetime.

An intense low pressure system sweeping over the Atlantic following Winter Storm Hercules, dubbed 'The Black Swell', has caused huge waves for dare-devil surfers to tackle.

Among those to ignore warnings and brave the wild conditions was Andrew Cotton from Braunton in North Devon.

In conjunction with Epic TV, he has been documenting his battles against the storm in his attempt to ride waves reaching up to 50ft.

"It's hard not to feel fear when you're about to surf the biggest Atlantic swell recorded, but once I'm on the board, all my concentration goes towards where I'm going and completing the ride," Cotton explained.

"Even though I'm surfing very fast, I'm completely comfortable. I have a great safety team around me in case something goes wrong. I'm no stranger to big waves, so it's great to be taking part in EpicTV's hunt for the biggest wave and I want to be the one that finds it!"

In the video below, Cotton, whose day job is working as a plumber, can be seen riding huge waves off Mullaghmore Head in Ireland. The footage was captured on Monday.



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