Video: Watch an amazing table tennis backhand shot

Video: Johan Hagberg pulls off one of the greatest ping pong shots of all time; still loses the game

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As Cristiano Ronaldo takes all the headlines and plaudits after his third Ballon d'Or win, a young table tennis player from Sweden has emphasised why great sporting feats are not just the preserve of the professionals nor just in football.

Footage shows ping pong perfectionist Johan Hagberg pulling off one of the greatest diving backhand shots ever captured.

The video, which was shot in Norrköping, Sweden, shows Hagberg diving to his right to hit a backhand shot that amazingly curves round the the side of the table, clipping the white edge and proving impossible for his opponent to reach.

The beauty of the shot can be measured by the reaction of the crowd. While there are only a smattering of people watching the game in the small gym, there are loud gasps of awe at the shot Hagberg has just performed. Of course, Hagberg hardly reacts to his impressive skill, simply getting back to his feet and walking to the table to prepare for the next rally.

On his Facebook page, Hagberg dedicated the shot to his role model, the young Cuban table tennis player Andy Pereira.

However, the shot was the best of a bad bunch for Hagberg, who lost the match, as well as being defeated in a team match at the same event.

Still, it's not the winning that counts; it's about getting an amazing shot on video.

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