Point-to-point: Lord Atterbury on track to resume career at Tweseldown

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With 199 entries for the six races at Tweseldown tomorrow Robert Killen, chairman of the sport's secretaries' association, admitted that "December racing has quickly become a victim of its own success".

So successful that balloting looks probable in the maiden which has 49 entries. Lord Atterbury, third in the 2004 Grand National and now trained by Simon Robinson in the south-east, could make his British pointing debut in the mixed open (12.00). Martin Ossie, disappointing under Rules, is now back with the astute Dick Baimbridge and is engaged in the Ladies Open (12.30) along with Richard Barber's very promising Gaye Trigger. Unbeaten in four outings last season, the nine-year-old has shown he can cope with soft ground.

Tomorrow's fixture: Tweseldown Racing Club at Tweseldown. (First race 11.30). 3m west of Aldershot; 2m from Fleet town centre. 6m from M3; Exit 4 or 5.