Point-to-point: Soft going will be ideal for Paddy at Barbury

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Barbury Racecourse stages a two-day meeting this weekend, a rarity in pointing as the only other double-header is at Cold Harbour on 5-6 May.

Irilut provided Sam Waley-Cohen with the middle leg of a weekend treble on Sunday and is likely runner in the mixed open (12.35) but is unlikely to enjoy the soft going as much as Paddy For Paddy. He never really had the cut in the ground he needs last season, so his second in the Lady Dudley Cup in April was even more creditable.

Regarding entry charges, the chairman of the point-to-point secretaries association, Robert Killen, points out that all meetings charging on a per-car basis must now give an allowance for single occupants.

Killen explained: "This affects only a few people and many more meetings are now charging on a per-head basis, but if the car park charge is say £20, then someone attending on their own should be given a discount of £5 or £10."

FIXTURES: TODAY: Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Club at Barbury Racecourse (First day). (First race 12.00). 3m NW of Marlborough. Main entrance off Marlborough to Broad Hinton road; 10m from exits 15 & 16, M4. TOMORROW: Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Club at Barbury Racecourse (Second day). (12.00). Dunston Harriers at Ampton. (11.30). 4m N of Bury St Edmunds, near A134.