Rowing: Radley triumph over Eton

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The Warden of Radley, Angus McQuail, allowed his excitement to boil over on the umpire's launch, prompting a sharp reminder from the umpire, Mike Williams, that silence must be maintained on his boat.

This is only the second win for Radley against Eton over the course since the regatta began in 1839, and they will meet the favourites Shrewsbury today.

St Edward's almost shaved the booms on the Berkshire station, so close were the tips of their blades, beating Tabor Academy of the United States. The first selected crew to lose were Henley RC, who caught a crab which disrupted their rhythm and Tideway Scullers went through to win.

However, six of last year's victorious Henley crew are trying for the more senior Ladies' Plate in a combination with the University of the West of England. Races in the Plate start today.

In the windless morning conditions, Durham University set a record of 7min 23sec in the men's student coxless fours, now known as the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. Later, London University lowered the intermediate records while beating the Reading University B crew. Imperial had an easy start against Queen's University, Belfast.