Anderson remains in hospital

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Australia will fly home with the Ashes tonight, but their coach, Chris Anderson, is expected to be in hospital for another week after suffering a heart attack during the deciding Test on Saturday.

Wigan Royal Infirmary said yesterday that Anderson was showing steady improvement and the Australian team doctor, Roy Saunders, said that he was sitting up, talking and joking with staff. Despite that, the estimate is that he will be in hospital for another five to seven days and will then have to recuperate in England before flying home.

Anderson's wife, Lynn, is on her way to Britain and his son, Ben, has been with him since going to the hospital from the JJB Stadium on Saturday night. Members of the Kangaroo management team have offered to stay in Wigan with him.

The 48-year-old had no previously-known health problems, but a brother died of a heart attack at 49 – something that was made known to doctors in Leeds when he was taken ill last Tuesday.

He spent a night in hospital after suffering chest pains, but after tests, he rejoined the team the following day, announcing that he had been given the all-clear.

He was due to start a new job coaching Cronulla on his return, but that must now be in severe doubt.