Gregory sues former club Wigan and denies illness claims

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Wigan are being taken to court by their former coach, Mike Gregory, the club's owner, Dave Whelan, has revealed. Gregory's contract expired at the end of last season, after he had been on sick leave for 18 months. He will be claiming that Wigan should have done more to help him carry on.

"We are being sued by our coach, which is a shame for the club, because we think we have done our best," said Whelan. He has claimed that Gregory is suffering from motor neurone disease, although the former Great Britain captain and his family have disputed that diagnosis. The case is likely to be heard in the new year and Wigan could also face a claim from Gregory's successor, Denis Betts, who resigned as assistant coach last month.

Wigan say they are confident of retaining their loose forward, Sean O'Loughlin, despite an offer from the new Australian club, the Gold Coast Titans.

The Titans have offered him a contract from 2007, when O'Loughlin's current deal will have expired. The Wigan chairman, Maurice Lindsay, said: "Sean is still getting over a very serious knee injury. When he has done that, I'm pretty confident that he will extend his contract. He has assured us that his prime ambition is to play with Wigan."

Castleford have signed the 21-year-old back-rower, Richard Fa'aoso, from the Sydney Roosters.