Johns pledges to deliver Grand Final glory for Wolves

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"We've made no secret of our ambition and players don't come any bigger or better than this," the Warrington coach, Paul Cullen, said. "If it had been for one match, I would still have done it. It's that big a coup and he's that special a player."

Those who might have mixed feelings about that coup are Nathan Wood, Brent Grose and Graham Appo, one of whom will have to be deregistered in order to make room for Johns on the club's quota. "It's a tough, cynical life and players miss out for many, many reasons," Cullen said. "The decision on deregistration will be made on a number of grounds, such as injury. If everyone is fit and healthy, it will be form that dictates."

Wood is Warrington's current scrum-half and that is Johns' position, but he insisted: "I'm not worried about it. I'm more excited about getting the opportunity to play with him. From an early age I thought he was the best player I'd ever seen."

Johns has talked on the phone to Wood and the club's captain, Lee Briers, about how they can dovetail together. "They said they're looking forward to me coming over," said Johns, who insisted he was not coming to Britain just for a pay day. "I'm not motivated by money. I'm on a fair whack here [at Newcastle Knights] and I could have stayed and enjoyed the summer, but I want to help Warrington win a Grand Final."

Bradford have denied that they have plans to bring over Adrian Morley, whose Sydney City side are also likely to miss the Australian play-offs, on a similar basis.

St Helens have released Darren Albert to join Cronulla at the end of this season and have signed the New Zealand Test winger Francis Meli on a three-year contract.

The Wigan captain, Kris Radlinski, is not expected to play again this year after suffering a knee injury that requires surgery.