Morley turns down Wigan for return to 'ambitious' Warrington

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The Great Britain forward Adrian Morley has turned down the relegation-threatened Wigan and rejected a last-minute improved offer from Sydney Roosters to return to Super League with Warrington.

The 29-year-old former Leeds second-rower will now finish his career in England after signing a four-year contract with the ambitious Wolves. Morley, who has spent the past six seasons with the Sydney club, rejected their initial offer of a 12-month extension.

"It came down to the longevity of the contract rather than the money at this stage of my career," he said. "The Roosters couldn't match the four-year deal offered by Warrington. But ... they wished me well."

The Salford-born Morley, who will take up his contract next year, said he was deterred from joining Wigan because of their position in the table, six points adrift of their nearest rivals with 12 games left, while Warrington are in the top six. "Warrington are a very ambitious club. I was talking to Salford and Leeds because of my ties with both cities but, once I heard what Warrington had to say, I was excited."

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