Peters given one-year ban for steroid abuse

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The London Broncos winger Dominic Peters has been banned for a year after testing positive for the steroid, stanozolol. Peters showed traces of the banned substance when taking a urine test this season and becomes only the fifth player to be suspended in this country for steroid abuse.

His club said yesterday that they would be making no comment beyond acknowledging the seriousness of the offence and would not say whether or not they would appeal against the ban.

Peters has been with the Broncos for five years and is their most successful locally produced player. Despite his London roots, he played on the wing for Lancashire in the Origin Game two years ago but has been frustrated recently by injury, scoring one try in 16 appearances last season. After scoring a try in their Challenge Cup win over Oldham in February he went to the capital's National League side, the London Skolars, and he has only recently forced his way back into the Broncos team after a shoulder operation.

The four other players who received major bans for steroid abuse were the Oldham forward, David Stephenson, and Doncaster's Jamie Bloem, who were both banned for two years. Dave Alstead and David Highton, both of Warrington, each received a one-year ban.

The Rugby League has also banned the Halifax player, Martin Moana, for 28 days after a sample showed traces of another banned substance, ephedrine. His coach, Tony Anderson, said that Moana had been "a bit naïve''.

"He's been taking supplements which we knew about. They're not illegal and a lot of players have used them, but through naïvety he hasn't stuck to the dosages on the bottle.''

A third, unnamed, player has tested positive for an unspecified banned substance, but, after hearing of his mitigating circumstances, the League has given him a suspended 12-month ban and fined him £2,500.