Sailing: Peyron hits out at plans

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An attack on the plans announced last week by Britain's Tracy Edwards for a four-year plan of sailing events which, if completed, would see Qatar pumping in £38m, has been launched by Bruno Peyron.

The Frenchman, who holds the round-the-world record for the Jules Verne Trophy, Edwards' first target next January, had announced a similar programme but recently had to postpone the 2004 edition of The Race, not least because Edwards was one of those who said she was no longer planning to take part.

She has now presented, on behalf of Qatar, another non-stop round-the-world race for giant multihulls, followed by a five-leg race from Doha with stopovers. These are, says Peyron, "thinly disguised copies of the concepts" from The Race.

"I am astounded by the contempt, hypocrisy and especially dishonesty of the projects' promoters," Peyron said.