Tyson set to quit

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The fight is billed simply as "Tyson-Golota." It might also turn out to be "Tyson's Last Stand."

The fight is billed simply as "Tyson-Golota." It might also turn out to be "Tyson's Last Stand."

"This is definitely my last fight," Tyson said Thursday at the weigh-in for his bout against Andrew Golota.

Tyson's announcement was met mostly by smiles and head shakes. After all, he's said before that he was through with boxing.

Regardless of whether Tyson decides to hang up his gloves, he still must fight Golota on Friday night.

There are no catchy phrases for the match, which will start between 0300 GMT-0330 GMT on Saturady. The promoters elected to play it straight.

But bill it as you will, Tyson vs. Golota is a fight with a third-man theme.

Can referee Frank Garza, 173 centimeters and 77 kgs, control Tyson and Golota if one or both heavyweights stomp on the Marquis of Queensberry rules, as they have been known to do?

Both men have fought and won often within the rules, and their match in the 20,000-seat Palace at Auburn Hills could be hard, but clean.

"I plan to fight clean as much as possible," said Golota, a native of Poland living in Chicago.

"Both fighters are professionals and know how to fight," said Al Certo, Golota's trainer. "The media wants a dirty fight and has been trying to talk the fighters into it. I think it is going to be a good fight. If Tyson does fight dirty, Golota might pick him up and body slam him or throw him out of the ring."

The media merely reported that Golota was twice disqualified for repeatedly hitting Riddick Bowe low, that he bit Samson Pou'ha on the shoulder, that he head-butted Danell Nicholson.

The media did not lead Tyson to bite Evander Holyfield's ears, knock down Orlin Norris after the bell or attack Lou Savarese after the 38-second fight had been stopped.

For pushing referee John Coyle aside and throwing punches at Savarese June 24 in Glasgow, Tyson was fined $187,500 but not suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control. The fine has been paid.

Tyson charged across the ring and knocked down Savarese with a left hook to the side of the head just seconds after the opening bell in Glasgow.

As for how long the fight might last, Tyson said, "As long as it takes to kill somebody."

Asked if he thought Golota would be intimidated Friday night, Tyson said, "That's his problem."