US confirms six athletes failed tests for modafinil

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The United States Olympic Committee confirmed yesterday that the world 100 and 200 metres champion, Kelli White, and five other American athletes have tested positive for the banned stimulant modafinil.

White, the sprinter Chryste Gaines, the hurdlers Sandra Glover, Chris Phillips and Eric Thomas, and the hammer thrower John McEwen tested positive for the stimulant at either the US or World Athletics Championships, the USOC admitted in a statement.

McEwen also tested positive for the designer steroid tetrahydrogestrinone (THG).

The USOC also said the cyclist Adham Sbeih tested positive for erythropoietin at the US Cycling Federation Elite Track National Championships in August.

"USADA's [US Anti-Doping Agency] Anti-Doping Review Board determined that sufficient evidence of doping exists to proceed further in seven cases," the USOC said.

"All seven athletes are disputing their cases in the USADA adjudication process," the Olympic Committee added. "If a sanction is imposed, USADA will make the announcement at a later date."