Video: Wingsuit flyers make historic jump from Matterhorn summit

In stunning footage the two wingsuit jumpers can be seen making a heart-stopping descent down the mountain

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Two flyers have made history after they performed a daring wingsuit jump from the summit of Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

Géraldine Fasnacht and Julien Meyer made a gruelling eight-hour climb up the east face of the mountain on Saturday. The experienced wingsuit fliers reached an altitude of 4,400 meter before performing the incredible feat.

In extraordinary footage, the pair did a countdown before plunging off the edge of the mountain and swooped through the air before eventually releasing their parachutes.

The duo have performed stunts together in the past. Only last year they climbed up both Mont Blanc du Tacul and the Mont-Maudit to Point Durier in France for a 3,000 metre wingsuit flight into Chamonix.

Matterhorn has inspired climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts alike. The Swiss mountain was the last great peak of the Alps to be climbed and mountaineers makes an annual ascent along the northeast Hörnli ridge. In 2011 Matthias Giraud made the first ski-basejump off Matterhorn.