Brock Lesnar retires from UFC, signs new WWE contract ahead of Wrestlemania 31

'I'm an older caveman now'

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Brock Lesnar has quit UFC and said he has no plans to return to MMA, instead renewing his lucrative contract with the WWE.

The fighter-turned-wrestler acknowledged that he is getting older, and so will be sticking with the slightly safer of his two professions.

"The fighter inside of me wants to compete. The father, the husband - I'm an older caveman now. So I make wiser caveman decisions," he told ESPN.

"So I'm here to say my legacy in the octagon is over. However my legacy this Sunday at Wrestlemania will not be my last."

Currently the WWE Heavyweight champion, Lesnar will defend his title against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania XXXI on Sunday. There is already speculation that his contract renewal means he will win the clash and remain champion for many months to come.

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