Grado starts #‎SayYesMadonna‬ campaign to get Madonna to let him use 'Like A Prayer' in TNA

The Scottish wrestler has been denied his entrance music

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Scottish wrestler Grado is embarking on his toughest fight yet - with global pop icon Madonna.

Grado, real name Graeme Stevely, usually walks down to the ring accompanied by the Madonna's famous song "Like A Prayer" but now the singer has denied the grappler permission to use the track when his in-ring debut for American company TNA is broadcast in the US on Friday.

So Grado has started an internet campaign to get Madonna to allow him to use his signature entrance music, which has served him so well for Scottish promotion Insane Championship Wrestling. The company has been the subject of two fine documentaries broadcast by the BBC, Insane Fight Club and Insane Fight Club II: This time's Personal.

Grado (left) takes on the American Colt Cabana in ICW

On his Facebook page, Grado wrote this impassioned plea, complete with a video of his entrance that he hopes Madonna might watch: "This Friday on American telly I was getting the go-ahead for my match with Al Snow from The Hydro to be shown in full, with the Like a Prayer entrance - I was over the moon.

"Until today, we received an e-mail saying "Please be advised that the request below for the use of 'Like A Prayer' has been denied on behalf of Madonna". Now I get the feeling there is no way, she herself was on the blower talking about some daft Scottish wrestler about using her choon on the tv, which is why I want to try and reach out to her Madge herself and to let her know how much the song means to myself and the wrestling world!"


Last night #SayYesMadonna was trending No 1 in the UK.

Even the Post Office Communications team got involved:

Madonna has yet to comment on the decision to stop Grado from using her track.