John Cena nose: WWE star suffers horrific broken nose in RAW main event against Seth Rollins

But he still won, of course he did

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Wrestling may be fake, but there is always the risk of suffering a horrifying injury inside the squared circle.

WWE United States champion John Cena had his nose busted wide open against WWE heavyweight champion Seth Rollins in the main event of Monday Night Raw last night, when Rollins hit him with a flying knee.

WWE Dr. Steve Daquino provided the following update about Cena's status after the match, which Cena won after making Rollins submit to the STF:

"As you can see on television tonight, John suffered a nasal fracture. He's got quite a bit of displacement, so we sent him over to the local emergency room so he can be evaluated by the ears, nose and throat doctor who’s on call tonight and see what can be done to properly repair it."



The match against Rollins was for Cena's US title.