Lita to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2014 at Wrestlemania 30

Lita used to wrestle alongside The Hardy Boyz

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Amy Dumas, known in the ring as Lita, is to be honoured with a place in the WWE Hall of Fame at the upcoming pay-per-view Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans.

The four-time women's champion and fan favourite will be inducted alongside veterans Ultimate Warrior and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and join fellow Diva Trish Stratus, who earned her place in 2013.

Wrestling under the name Lita, Dumas started her career at Extreme Championship Wrestling before joining the WWE (then called WWF) in 1999, where she formed a memorable partnership with The Hardy Boyz as Team Xtreme.

Though she has made fleeting returns to the squared circle, Lita has most recently been working in music as the frontwoman of punk rock bad The Luchagors.

Dumas will be inducted at the WWE's flasgship pay-per-view Wrestlemania, which  this year is to take place in New Orleans, Louisiana on 6 April.

"So, here I am Class of 2014 Hall of Fame, the dumpster diving punk rock kid that was never supposed to  make it, but with too much kid power to let anything get in my way, gearing up to give a speech and accept my position in front of the ultimate under dog of a city," she said. "It seems kind of like the best thing ever."

Attention in the professional wrestling community has been on CM Punk recently, who appeared to quit the WWE quite suddenly last month.