Mick Foley makes good on promise to smash TV as a protest against WWE

Wrestling rage exacted on daughter's TV set

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Mick Foley has uploaded a video of himself smashing a TV out of sheer anger over Daniel Bryan's exclusion from the WWE Royal Rumble on YouTube.

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The completely proportionate response to a man not appearing in one of the many pay-per-view events of the year has attracted over 75,000 views on YouTube already, and comes after Foley threatened to 'throw a brick through his TV' in the fallout of the Royal Rumble.

His temper having cooled somewhat in the days following, Foley decided to use his daughter's old TV instead of his own, moved the site of demolition to his driveaway and used a baseball bat instead of a brick.

"Granted this is not as dramatic as putting a brick through my TV right after the conclusion of the Royal Rumble, but in protest to Daniel Bryan not entering, let alone winning, I decided [to use a bat]" Mick says, before swinging at the TV.

All in all, it has not been a good week for the WWE.

While former ambassador and Hall Of Famer Foley breaks electrical goods in protest to its recent roster decisions, one of its main stars appears to have quit.

CM Punk reportedly told chairman Vince McMahon he was 'going home' on Monday night, missing an episode of RAW with it being unclear whether he will return.