WrestleMania 30: Husky Harris seems a mile away from the all new Bray Wyatt ahead of John Cena showdown

Bray Wyatt has undergone a brilliant rebranding to become on the WWE's most exciting and captivating superstars

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The Wyatt family have possibly been the best break out collective of superstars this year, with Bray Wyatt possibly being the most captivating superstar of the last five. The Bray Wyatt character is an excellent example of  the rebranding of talent by the WWE, they did it with Kane, they did it with the Undertaker and they have done it a number of times with Albert, or should I say A-Train, Or Lord Tensai or Sweet T.

The lead Wyatt hasn’t always been this deranged, riddle speaking, ruthless leader of the cult that is the Wyatt family, he first dipped his toe into WWE waters in the second season of their developmental brand NXT competing under the name Husky Harris. After the show had finished he then joined up with Wade Barratt’s group the Nexus, after a small run in the company with the Nexus he was eventually put out of action indefinitely following a punt from Randy Orton. What followed was a masterstroke from the script writers at the company. They turned a character that wasn’t going anywhere, who the fans were never going to take too, to a maverick, imagination gripping leader.

Bray Wyatt and his followers, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, have been causing havoc in the WWE since their on-air debut in July, the buzzards have since seen their popularity snowball. They have feuded with Kane, The Shield, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and most notably Bray Wyatt’s opponent for this year’s Wrestlemania, John Cena. Some of the best moments of the year have come from the Waytt’s, most notably Bray. His performance against Bryan at the Royal Rumble was eye-catching, catching the Yes Movement leader in mid-air to ‘Sister Abigail’ him into the outside barricade and at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when he, Harper and Rowan competed against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rawlins on the Shield, in one of the most high intensity, action packed matches witnessed by WWE fans this side of this year’s Wrestlemania.

You feel that the Wyatt’s stock can only continue to rise and they will use Cena has the perfect springboard for their blossoming careers at Wrestlemania. This year’s showcase of the immortals has a lot to live up too, it’s the events 30 anniversary but the matches involved hardly grasp the imagination like those at Wrestlemania-X7 or Wrestlemania XX. This means that Wyatt’s performance could be pivotal in the success of the event.  A Wyatt win would be the most sensible outcome of the match, meaning the family could then turn their attention to another target, namely the Undertaker.

The Wyatt’s have already defeated the best the company has to offer and with a title push seeming not right at this time for Bray, a surprise attack on the Deadman seems like a move that would leave the WWE Universe wanting more. Taker has disposed of every challenger that has stood in front of him during his illustrious career but could the Wyatt’s finally be the opponent that put’s the final nail in the Phenom’s coffin? Most Likely. A Wyatt-Taker feud would do nothing but increase the families and Bray’s popularity and would allow Undertaker to compete against one of the company’s fastest rising stars. A Taker vs the reaper feud would sell tickets and could run until next year’s Mania.

Another likely target for the Wyatt’s could be the returning Stone Cold, Steve Austin, though it has been widely speculated that he is due to call out fan favourite CM Punk, a surprise attack by the Wyatt’s on the Rattlesnake could be enough to get the Texan’s venom flowing again, especially as the Wyatt’s attacks have been mostly on fan favourites. An attack on arguably the biggest fan favourite to have laced up a pair of boots would be something that would make Stone Cold’s return more than just a novelty for the event.

Whatever lies next for the Wyatt’s is yet to be discovered but it is safe to say that whatever does follow will be something that will not harm the faction’s popularity, Wrestlemania will no doubt be the biggest event of the year but a surprise Wyatt attack on another one of the companies household names could add that little bit of extra Cajun spice to the event in New Orleans.