WrestleMania 31: John Cena aims to bring the United States Championship home in rematch with Rusev

Cena will look to avenge his Fastlane defeat to the Bulgarian Brute

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WrestleMania is just hours away and John Cena is competing in a title match but for the first time in ten years, it’s not for the WWE Championship. The 15-time World Champion will be facing Rusev for the United States Championship in a rematch from their brawl at Fastlane last month.

Rusev has become a marked man since becoming champion in November last year after defeating Sheamus. The Russian has since used the title to mock the US fans with his “Anti-American” gimmick and Cena is eager to bring the championship home.

“It’s the championship that defines the Unites States and those who watch the WWE know that I’m a true patriot and that’s not the wrestling guy talking, it’s not work, that’s who I am,” Cena said at the WrestleMania press conference in California.


With Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion, the main event has lacked a consistently defended title over the last year and the leader of the “Cenation” sees a win as an opportunity to restore prestige to the US title that had fallen from the ranks since the glory days in WCW and mid 2000’s WWE.

“I want to be able to give the fans a viable and competitive championship that’s available at every live event, television event and every pay-per-view.

“It also gives me great pride as there’s a nostalgia factor as it’s the championship that I won at WrestleMania 20”

Rusev beat Cena at Fastlane

The US Championship had previously offered Cena a platform to show the world what he is capable of when he held the title three times in 2004. The gold has also added to Rusev’s increasing dominance in the WWE where he has been undefeated since his singles debut the day after WrestleMania last year.

Cena will be keen to put an end to Rusev’s run on Sunday night but the powerhouse will be looking to repeat his assertion of power over Cena for the second time in a row.

WrestleMania airs on Sky Sports Box Office and WWE Network on Sunday 29th March at midnight.