WWE comment: Brock Lesnar was the right man to end The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak...now he's the guy to beat


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The WWE Universe was in complete shock on Sunday night when Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker's legendary streak of 21-0 at WrestleMania. There was almost complete silence in the New Orlean's Superdome after Lesnar reversed a Tombstone Piledriver and hit a third F5 to get the pinfall.

Hulk Hogan had told us to expect some big WrestleMania moments this year, but nobody can honestly say that they saw that coming. The Undertaker adding another name to the list of unsuccessful Superstars had become a standard at the “Showcase of the Immortals”, burying the likes of Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Triple H across an illustrious career. Is this the end for “The Phenom”?

As soon as the bell had been rung wrestling fans the world over took to social media platforms and message boards to vent their anger and their disbelief over what they considered to be a travesty and the astonished faces of the 75,000 people in attendance proved that a picture really does paint a thousand words. But maybe the time had come for “The Dead Man” to become mortal and why shouldn't Brock Lesnar have been the man to do it?

Let's fast forward to Raw on Monday night and Paul Heyman and Lesnar stand proudly in the centre of the ring. Heyman cuts one of his legendary promos, the kind of promo that proves him to be one of the most skilled mic-workers the business has ever seen. Heyman does a better job of putting things into perspective than anyone else could even dream to, calling John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan and The Rock “wannabes” in the process. We have to remember that Lesnar is the longest reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion in history as well as a three-time WWE Champion, Royal Rumble and King Of The Ring winner.


People have argued that having a part-timer like Lesnar surprisingly defeat The Undertaker devalues the streak and that it should have been ended by an up-and-coming Superstar in some kind of “passing of the torch” angle at next year's event - somebody like Roman Reigns, Cesaro or Bray Wyatt that would benefit hugely from the monumental occasion and are inevitably going to be pushed to the top sooner or later. Fans expected it might be Cena that would do it in a bid to prove that he is the greatest of his generation, and others believed in the rumour that it would be Sting's WWE debut that would put a stop to The Undertaker's success in a match that everybody has been aching to see for decades. However, the build-up to any of those scenarios would've made it too predictable, especially with The Undertaker being a year or two older by the time it came around, having made even fewer sporadic appearances than usual and naturally becoming more and more unfit.

The Undertaker looked exhausted in his match with Brock, showing signs of age and poor health, and was a shadow of the man we have seen compete in some of the most memorable matches of all time. To drag it out for any more years would result in it losing its believability, so what better than to have somebody that is still physically fit with something big to prove do the job, especially when the WWE Universe expected the same outcome as usual. We all know the WWE likes to throw us a curve-ball every now and then (albeit not usually one with so much curve that it comes back around and smacks you in the back of the head) and this is a fantastic opportunity to put Lesnar back in the picture for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Should Brock have lost on Sunday he would've remained a has-been, somebody that achieved it all in the past but isn't a big enough threat to the title anymore. This victory will make Lesnar the guy to beat, the streak-breaker, and the possibilities for a feud with Bryan or any of the other current big-players like Orton or Batista are very exciting now that Lesnar has this unstoppable aura surrounding him. A loss would've led to him fading back into obscurity. Lesnar needed a push like this and you can't deny that this is going to make the next few months very exciting.

Now that Lesnar has beaten the streak do you expect him to just eat and sleep? Of course not, this historical moment marks a return to the very top for “The Beast Incarnate”.

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