WWE comment: Does Daniel Bryan belong at the top of the WWE? NO! And here's six reasons why


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In recent months the WWE's main storyline has focused on Daniel Bryan's constant battle with “The Authority” and their reluctancy to give him the opportunity he and the WWE Universe believe is deserved, a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. If popularity determines Vince McMahon's decisions when it comes to picking who to put in the top spot then Bryan is the inevitable next-in-line for gold.

Week in week out the crowd erupts with the chants of “YES! YES! YES!” the second Bryan's music hits and he side-steps his way to the ring, pointing his fingers in the air and grinning through his untidy beard. The reaction to his entrance is paramount to that of John Cena's, the face of the company over the last decade, three-time World Heavyweight Champion, eleven-time WWE Champion, and the guy that puts dollar signs in Vince's eyes through merchandise sales.

But does Daniel Bryan truly belong at the top of the business, or are the fans just so bored of the likes of current champion Randy Orton and John Cena that they are desperate for a breath of fresh air? During the Orton Vs. Cena match at this year's Royal Rumble the crowd shouted “BOOORRINNNG” throughout, and Batista's uninteresting return-and-conquer in the thirty-man elimination battle was the most predictable outcome imaginable, leaving fans outraged.

If the WWE Universe are to believe in somebody else then we are left with few options. Big players like Sheamus, Brock Lesnar, Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio are all met with indifference by the crowd, and this is where Daniel Bryan comes in. The hard-done-by underdog that is desperate to prove his worth - we can can all relate to that somehow, can't we? It makes perfect sense for Daniel Bryan to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion if we are thinking about what is “best for business” as everybody loves to see the big guys get knocked off by the fan-favourite that represents something for them, they did it with Rey Mysterio back in 2006.

Rey Mysterio's title-runs have all been pretty short-lived despite his popularity, a possible explanation for this being his size. He is just simply too small to realistically convey beating opponents twice his size on a regular basis. How long can they drag out somebody going into a match as an underdog only to “surprise” us with a win before it grows stale and people want a change?

We have the same problem with Daniel Bryan. Do the WWE really want somebody so much smaller than his adversaries to be carrying the company into the future? Can he really have a deserved long-running title reign that doesn't become incredibly boring incredibly quickly? He's a great wrestler, there's no denying that, but does he really have what it takes to compete at that level?

Here are six reasons why Daniel Bryan should not be the face of the WWE:

1 Look at him: Bryan is quick, agile and not afraid to throw himself about but he still looks like an extra from Willow, not a Heavyweight Champion - commentator JBL even frequently refers to him as a garden gnome.

2 His theme music is terrible: Wagner's “Flight Of The Valkyries”? Seriously? It hardly has the same impact as the smashing glass that signified Stone Cold Steve Austin was on his way to whoop some ass, the call of “If you smeeeeellll.....” before The Rock appeared or the eerie, pitch-black, nightmare-inducing entrance of The Undertaker.

3 As is his finishing move: A running knee. That's it. It's hardly “The Pedigree”. Can you picture him hitting Batista or The Big Show with that and thinking “Oh yeah, that's definitely done it, it's over”?

4 And his catchphrase: Bryan has been a man of few words recently, he mostly just looks on in astonishment as things don't go his way. No surprise then that his catchphrase is simply the word “YES”. At least it's easy to remember.

5 He would never had made it in the “Attitude Era”: At a time when even the Intercontinental Championship was being fought by the likes of Ken Shamrock, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit do you really think Bryan would've been up there with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin? Bryan doesn't have enough that is special about him for him to have been any more successful than William Regal or D'Lo Brown, for example.

6 Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns exist:  It looks a lot like the WWE are pushing these two stable leaders at the moment and it's a guarantee that they will go on to bigger and better things. Reigns set the record for the most amount of eliminations at the Royal Rumble in January, The Wyatt Family Vs. The Shield match was more anticipated and received a better response than the six-man title match at Elimination Chamber, and the following night on Raw Bray Wyatt Vs. Roman Reigns was the main event, not Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane. Reigns is a powerhouse that would look the part with the belt around his waist whilst Wyatt is an unpredictable, vicious, and terrifying character. We are looking at the real future of the WWE in these two superstars.

We already know that Daniel Bryan will not be in the main event at Wrestlemania XXX and a match with Triple H seems pretty likely. If he can prove himself then he might just get the opportunity he longs for, whether that's a good idea in the long-run is a different story altogether.

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