WWE Hell In A Cell 2014: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt - reaction to shocking finale

Wyatt's return saw the perfect ending to the event

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Dean Ambrose's feud with Seth Rollins saw the perfect ending.

Rollins, a rare main event heel on a roster in transition, defeated longtime foe Ambrose in what looks to be the final chapter in a near five-month feud for now. 

The closing sequences saw Bray Wyatt, who, next to Rollins, is also among WWE's most promising top heels of the future, return to cost Ambrose the match. Ambrose losing to Rollins due to outside interference from Wyatt was a formidable finish for WWE moving forward.

Ambrose's loss is not as damaging to his character because he was able to physically punish Rollins as promised, and of course it took outside interference from multiple individuals before he was finally defeated. Rollins will now resume his budding rivalry with Randy Orton, while Ambrose will move on to Wyatt.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt runs the risk of coming off as awkward. With Ambrose also adopting a mentally unstable persona, it will be difficult for him to be an effective foil for the similarly unstable Wyatt.

But fans are firmly behind Ambrose. They cheered wildly when he finally got his hands on Rollins at the beginning of their match and booed fervently when Wyatt robbed him of his long-awaited revenge. The most important aspect of Rollins' feud against Wyatt is that Wyatt will be received as more of a villain

If his recent vignettes and Sunday's return are any indication, Wyatt figures to become darker and more satanic. Prior to appearing inside the Cell, the arena went dark and Wyatt could be heard speaking in tongues on the PA system.

The subtle yet effective tweaks will keep Wyatt's gimmick fresh while making Ambrose seem normal in comparison. A successful storyline pitting two of WWE's biggest rising stars against one another will do wonders for the future.

With next-generation WWE Superstars feuding near the top of the card, WWE will be able to slowly acclimate fans to new faces atop its otherwise turbulent hierarchy.

This was a pay-per-view that saw legacy top stars John Cena and Randy Orton booked in the middle of the show, while Ambrose, Wyatt and Rollins were all integral to the pay-per-view's final moments. A feud between Wyatt and Ambrose will only continue to improve a rapidly changing main event picture.

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