WWE Raw report: Brock Lesnar returns to face Seth Rollins as Kevin Owens faces action for attack on rapper Machine Gun Kelly

Lesnar returned from a suspension to be announced as the No 1 contender to Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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A triumphant Seth Rollins celebrated his win over Dean Ambrose at Money in the Bank in grating fashion, writes Ryan Dilbert for Bleacher Report. He recounted the bout with a smirk on his face, patting himself on the back.

The champ pulled a list out of his pants of people he would like to thank. His name was listed first, second and third.

Rollins riled up the fans by dissing Johnny Manziel, who sat in the audience, and LeBron James. When Dean Ambrose came out to shut him up, a brawl broke out, the two men continuing their fight from Sunday night.

Rollins retreated; the Lunatic Fringe set up a chair and promised not to leave until his foe returned.

Backstage, the champion bickered with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They revealed that Rollins would find out who his next challenger was by the end of the night.

Sheamus v Dean Ambrose

With the Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, Sheamus charged down to the ring to battle Dean Ambrose.

The fan favourite fought with a bad wheel, his left knee still hurting from his ladder war with Seth Rollins. That injury helped The Celtic Warrior take the advantage. The bruiser overpowered Ambrose early.

Ambrose fought back valiantly, but his bad leg slowed him down. Even so, he had Sheamus reeling, to the point that the Irishman looked to retreat.

Sheamus cradles his Money in the Bank briefcase after defeat to Ambrose

Randy Orton's arrival distracted him; Ambrose used a schoolboy pin to take advantage and get the win. Orton followed up with a flurry of his signature moves.

King Barrett v R-Truth

R-Truth entered wearing a paper crown, a sheet for a cape and a plunger in place of a scepter. He sat down at the commentary table, not realizing he was in the match.

King Barrett bashed him a few times before R-Truth rolled him up for a quick win. Barrett went on a post-match tirade that saw him knock out the rapping wrestler and berate his opponent for not respecting him.

Kevin Owens v Dolph Ziggler

Recalling what happened after his match with John Cena at Money in the Bank, Kevin Owens said it was Cena's fault that Owens attacked him. The NXT champ felt disrespected, and so he responded with violence.

He demanded a rematch, this time with the United States Championship on the line.

Owens then issued an open challenge. Dolph Ziggler answered it to the fans' delight in Cleveland. Owens made it clear this would not be for the NXT title.

The Showoff soon suffered a senton to the ribs, getting suplexed onto the ring ropes and a boot to the gut. Owens dominated, punishing his foe, focusing on his midsection.

Ziggler fought back with rapid strikes and a superkick that floored Owens. He nearly knocked off the bruiser with a Fameasser and later a Zig Zag. Owens, though, kept kicking out.

A pop-up powerbomb ended Ziggler's flurry and his chance for victory.

Kevin Owens stands over Machine Gun Kelly

Later in the show, Owens met Machine Gun Kelly onstage after the rapper finished his set. The NXT champ delivered a powerbomb that sent him flying off the entrance ramp.

Randy Orton v Kane

Right hands and surprisingly quick kicks gave Kane control of the bout early on. The Director of Operations methodically then attacked until Randy Orton used a series of clotheslines to get back into the match.

Sheamus entered mid-match. Kane announced that the bout would be a No Holds Barred contest.

That allowed The Celtic Warrior to hit a Brogue Kick and for Kane to take advantage by pinning Orton.

Randy Orton is defeated after Sheamus and Kane teamed up together

Backstage, Kane squabbled with Rollins. The world champ riled him up by mentioning his family and jabbing him with insults.

The Miz v Big Show

Ryback sat in on commentary as his two foes locked horns in front of them.

Big Show chased The Miz around the ring. He faked a leg injury to distract The Miz long enough to start cracking chops against his chest.

When the fight moved to the outside, Big Show and Ryback barked at each other. That allowed The Miz to slip back into the ring to just beat the referee's 10-count. The Miz went into full celebration mode.

Bray Wyatt confronts Roman Reigns

Flustered, Roman Reigns demanded a shot at Bray Wyatt before Battleground. Wyatt only appeared on the big screen.

Wyatt explains why he attacked Reigns

The Eater of Worlds explained that he attacked Reigns at Money in the Bank because he felt like Reigns stole his chance at that briefcase weeks ago. He ranted on about saving the world and destroying Reigns, while the babyface seethed.

Paige v The Bella Twins

Backstage, Paige tried to rally the women's division to push back against the Bella sisters. She found no allies in the group. No one trusted her.

A smirking Nikki Bella arrived just in time to see Naomi, Summer Rae and others leave Paige standing on her own.

Once the match began, Paige managed to fend off both women for a short while. The numbers disadvantage soon took its toll. Brie and Nikki took turns pounding on Paige.

The Bella Twins celebrate after defeating Paige

Paige fought back, but eventually fell victim to the Rack Attack.

The New Day v Neville and the Prime Time Players

A speedy exchange between Darren Young and Xavier Woods kicked things off.

The babyfaces dominated. Kofi Kingston still suffering from the aftereffects of Roman Reigns sending him through a ladder on Sunday didn't help.

The New Day managed to turn the bout around during the commercial break. That is until Neville came into the bout. He blasted the former tag champs with dropkicks and a variety of high-flying moves.

Young landed a gutbuster to Kingston's injured ribs; Neville followed up with the Red Arrow for the win.

No 1 Contender announced

The Authority opened by apologizing for Kevin Owens' attack on Machine Gun Kelly. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon then nixed the idea that Joey Mercury, Dean Ambrose and others would challenge Rollins.

A grinning Rollins came out after that news, ready to hear who would be his next opponent. McMahon said the champ had something left to prove. Triple H talked about needing to see what Rollins does under pressure.

Lesnar confronts Rollins who can't look his opponent in the eye

Rollins leaves the ring as Lesnar stands tall

Out came Brock Lesnar, stunning Rollins. The Beast Incarnate stared down the champ; Rollins looked close to passing out.

Seth Rollins reacts after seeing Brock Lesnar return

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