WWE Raw results: Brock Lesnar suspended for post-Wrestlemania 31 rampage after losing title to Seth Rollins

Stephanie McMahon suspends the Beast Incarnate at an explosive Raw the day after WrestleMania

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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kicked off the post-WrestleMania Raw show in California, as Heyman told the crowd that after the Beast Incarnate's dominance over Roman Reigns, he wants to invoke his WWE Championship rematch clause on Seth Rollins who cashed in the night before. The fans chanted "Suplex city" as Heyman described the ten-plus German Suplexes that Reigns felt at the hands of Lesnar until Stephanie McMahon interrupted.The principal owner of WWE explained that Rollins is on the way back from The Daily Show and will compete in the rematch later in the night.

The audience were treated to another match between Dolph Ziggler and the new Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Bryan. The two yet again stole the show with a technical masterpiece that caused the fans to chant "This is wrestling" and "This is awesome". There was even a standing ovation in the middle of the match as the two were laid on the floor following a Superkick from Ziggler that Bryan kicked out of. Bryan finally won the match and retained his title with the Running Knee after twelve minutes of classic wrestling.

As Bryan celebrated, Bad News Barrett attacked until Sheamus ran down to appear to make the save. The Great White had however instead hit Bryan with the Brogue Kick and beat down on Ziggler. Sheamus marked his villainous deeds by picking up the microphone and stating "I'm back".  A new look and fresh personality from the Irishman who returned after months of being sidelined with an injury.

The Ascension joined forces with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro to take on New Day and a debuting team of Lucha Dragons. The Dragons consisted the familiar Superstar, Sin Cara and NXT prodigy Kalisto who were met with a strong reaction from the fans. Viktor took Sin Cara down but Kaliston was about to hit the Salida del Sol for the victory chants of "Lucha" echoed through the arena.

Kalisto shows off his high-fling talents on his Raw debut

Lesnar returned to the ring for his title challenge against Rollins. The Architect had however claimed that he was jet lagged and will give Lesnar his rematch another day. As Rollins walked away, Brock snapped and chased after him but the champion was able to slip away after avoiding a suplex and hitting Lesnar with a drop kick.

An irate Lesnar then took his frustrations out by squashing the announcers with he table before landing an F5 on Michael Cole. The Beast Incarnate then delivered an F5 to an unsuspecting cameraman before Stephanie announcing that he is now suspended indefinitely. The former WWE champion responded by laying one more F5 on the cameraman before walking away.

Rollins shows off his new WWE World Heavyweight title

Lesnar suplex's Rollins, although the champion lands on his feet

And returns fire with a kick to the head

Lesnar flips over the announcers table

Lesnar F-5's commentator Michael Cole

Lesnar threatens to deliver an F-5 to the cameraman

Stephanie McMahon suspends Lesnar

Stardust took on Damien Mizdow who came out to The Miz' music and gimmick. Mizdow wrapped up the match within just three minutes with the Skull Crushing Finale, which caused Miz to run down to the ring. The A Lister gave a beat down to his former partner and finished with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz shouted that everything could have been his but Mizdow ruined it as the camera cut.

Miz taunts Mizdow after attacking him

Curtis Axel told the fans that Axelmania is still running wild as the WWE heads into "Axtreme Rules". Adrian Neville was introduced as his opponent as the majority European crowd gave a thunderous pop for the Englishman. Neville didn't waste time as he went for the Red Arrow Splash to seal the win after a few minutes. Strong win for the former NXT Champion on his debut after dominating the developmental scene over the last year.

John Cena issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster for his freshly won United States Championship. Dean Ambrose took up the opportunity and gave Cena a run for his money. The partisan crowd were firmly behind Ambrose as the Lunatic Fringe laid a Dirty Deeds on Cena who was able to kick out. Cena also locked an STF on Ambrose but he was able to reach the ropes before locking in an STF of his own. Cena was able to power out and land an AA to retain his championship while Ambrose looked frustrated.

Cena delivers an AA to Dean Ambrose

AJ Lee, Paige and Naomi partnered up to take on The Bella Twins and Natalya in a six Diva tag team match. All six put on a show that caused the fans to chant "Let's go Divas" due to their efforts. The Divas division had been criticised recently for not getting enough time but here the women made the most of their fifteen minute bout. Natalya gave a German Suplex on AJ but Nikki inadvertently hit Brie with a forearm for Naomi to take the advantage with the Rear View for the win.

Rusev returned to winning ways with a quick win over Goldust who appeared back on Raw after a short period out. There was no Lana to accompany the Russian following their spat after his loss at WrestleMania. Rusev got on just fine by forcing Goldust to tap out early with the Accolade.

The main event of the night saw Randy Orton partner with Ryback and Roman Reigns to take on Rollins, Kane and Big Show. Kane Chokeslammed Reigns before Orton slid in to hit the RKO on the Director of Operations. Reigns found his feet and hit a Spear on Kane to earn the victory for his team. Rollins escaped the match unscathed as all three of the victorious Superstars stared the marked man down as they eye the WWE Championship.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler

The Lucha Dragons & The New Day defeated Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & The Ascension

Damien Mizdow defeated Stardust

Adrian Neville defeated Curtis Axel

United States Championship: John Cena defeated Dean Ambrose

AJ Lee, Paige and Naomi defeated The Bella Twins and Natalya

Rusev defeated Goldust

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Ryback defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane