WWE Raw results: Dean Ambrose and John Cena hunt down Seth Rollins but The Authority stand firmly in their way

Rollins' interference during Cena's match against Brock Lesnar saw the match end in disaqualification, and Cena was out for revenge on Monday night

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Memphis, Tennessee, the night after Night of Champions, where a total of three championships changed hands. Dean Ambrose kicked off proceedings saying he ‘appreciated the creativity of getting his head stomped through cinder blocks’ but that he wasn’t leaving the ring till he got his hands on Seth Rollins.

John Cena then came down to the ring, him too angry with Rollins for disrupting his title fight with Brock Lesnar. Ambrose wasn’t happy that Cena came out though and then The Authority appeared. But Cena and Ambrose didn’t wait for them to make their announcement and they rushed Rollins, forcing a brawl and Rollins to leave the arena in a car with the two hot on his tail.

Our first match of the night was a rematch between new Intercontinental Champion the Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Miz refused to let Ziggler get any momentum going, locking in the figure-four and hitting the skull-crushing finale but Ziggler would just not give in. The win came when Miz tried to pin Dolph with a small-package but the challenger countered with one of his own, securing the title once again.

Bo Dallas was in the ring next to face Real-American Jack Swagger. Dallas took the fight to Swagger but ultimately lost after being dragged down from the top rope and caught in the Patriot-lock, giving Swagger the win via submission.

Results: Night of Champions

Our Divas match of the night was between Summer Rae and Natalya due to a bust-up on Total Divas, or something like that. The match didn’t last long after Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter, easily securing the victory.

Corporate Kane was next up against Dean Ambrose, in an obvious attempt by the Authority to quieten Ambrose down. The two battled evenly between each other but when Kane tried to chokeslam his opponent, Ambrose countered with Dirty Deeds. Before he could make the pin though, Rollins appeared and broke the two up, causing a disqualification and allowing Kane enough time to recover then hit a chokeslam.

After the break, Rollins, Kane and Triple H were seen chatting in the back before Ambrose appeared again trying to brawl with the three. Security then had to drag him away and lock him in a closet.

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A six-man tag-team match was up next, with the Usos and Sheamus facing new tag-team champions Gold & Stardust and Cesaro. The Usos started strongly but when Cesaro was tagged in, he only wanted to fight Sheamus. There was a number of close pinfalls throughout but when Sheamus cleared Stardust and Cesaro from the ring, an Uso splash on Goldust gave the Samoans and the Irishman the win.

Next we had another rematch from last night, Rusev against Mark Henry, who had come down to the ring to apologise to America for losing. Rusev went for Henry’s injured ribs and back straightaway, targeting them throughout the fight and when Henry started to rally, Rusev pulled him off the second rope before locking in the Accolade, causing the World’s Strongest Man to pass out. 

Another tag-team match now, Titus O’Neill and Heath Slater teaming up against Adam Rose and his, errr, bunny. O’Neil and Slater were doing well before the bunny got tagged in, drop-kicking Slater and sending Titus over the top rope. Rose then hit the Party Fowl on Slater to pick up the victory.

The Bella twins are arguing and brawling in the ring again. Oh, apparently there’s also a match. AJ Lee against Nikki Bella. AJ won after making Nikki tap out via the Black Widow. There you go.

Our main event up next with John Cena facing off against Randy Orton, who had Kane, Seth Rollins and a pile of cinder blocks at ringside. Orton was in control for the entirety of the match, hitting all his trademark moves including a DDT from the top rope. When Cena somehow managed to get hold of the STF though, Rollins and Kane interceded, causing the disqualification.

Seth Rollins makes a swift exit via the crowd

Kane chokeslammed Cena and then, when it looked like he was going to have his head curb-stomped through the cinder blocks exactly like Ambrose, the Lunatic Fringe appeared and attacked the trio. He and Cena managed to fend off Orton and Kane but once again, Rollins escaped through the crowd to survive and fight another day.

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Dolph Ziggler DEF the Miz

Jack Swagger DEF Bo Dallas

Natalya DEF Summer Rae

Dean Ambrose DEF Kane via DQ

The Usos and Sheamus DEF Gold & Stardust and Cesaro

Rusev DEF Mark Henry

Adam Rose and the Bunny DEF Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater

AJ Lee DEF Nikki Bella

John Cena DEF Randy Orton via DQ