WWE Raw results: John Cena to defend at Battleground as Seth Rollins looks to cash in Money in the Bank briefcase

With the shockwaves from Money in the Bank still being felt, John Cena faces a new title threat, Dean Ambrose targets Seth Rollins' cash-in plans and superstars make surprise returns.

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Off the back of an electric Money in the Bank PPV, The Authority kicked off the show by making their way to the ring. They put over Seth Rollins as the winner of the traditional MITB match and claimed he was virtually guaranteed as the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The party was shortly interrupted by the new champion, John Cena, who immediately tried to get on the hostile crowd’s good side by promising Daniel Bryan a title rematch. To mark the occasion, Triple H and Stephanie announce Cena as the cover-boy of the new 2K15 video game. Triple H tells Cena he’ll defend his title in a fatal-4-way at WWE Battleground, making a match with his opponents later tonight: Cena and Roman Reigns against the Demon Kane and Randy Orton. As the champ makes his way up the ramp, the COO reminds him ‘there’s always a Plan B’, prompting the arrival of the new Mr Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, for a stare down with briefcase in hand.

The opening match saw Rollins go up against RVD. The former Shield Architect tries to pick the leg of ‘Mr Monday Night’, but ends up catching a series of kicks. Rollins suckers him to the outside and takes control with a clothesline. Back in the ring and back to the leg, Rollins performs his namesake into a neat half Boston crab. A buckle bomb is countered into a corner hurricanrana. The end sequence sees Rollins twist RVD into the middle rope with a dragon screw leg whip, before hitting the kerb stomp for the win. Ambrose appears on screen and addresses Kane’s interference at the PPV. Rollins’ former Shield teammate promises to ‘haunt’ him every time he tries to cash in his contract.

John Cena gives Triple H a piece of his mind

Things get a bit Russian, or Bulgarian, with the entrance of Rusev and Lana. Jack Swagger soon follows, along with Zeb Colter, in an apparent face turn. Zeb runs down Russia and says Swagger can stop Rusev. Swagger then sends the Bulgarian Brute into retreat with a couple of armdrags. Cue a huge pop and a massive ‘We the People’ chant. Great moment.

Sheamus is out next joined by The Usos, who remain tag champs after a titanic encounter with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt family. The Wyatts’ entrance to a sea of mobile phone lights in the darkness is still an eerie sight. The family take their turns beating down Jimmy Uso, who eventually gets the hot tag to Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior hits an impressive dive to the outside. A distraction by Bray has the Wyatts retake control. Jey Uso gets the tag and takes out everyone with an impressive flurry of offence. However, amid the chaos, Harper hits a huge closthesline for the 3-count.

Nicki Bella is backstage and no sooner opens her mouth than Stephanie puts her in a handicap match with the Funkadactyls.

Bo Dallas is out to inspire us all. He calls for 60 seconds of silence for an injured Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. We then see a video of Daniel Bryan’s meeting with Bo at the PPV. Bryan says he’s acting like a ‘BO-ner’ and should ‘bo-LEAVE’. Words are fun.

We then have the Divas handicap match, and the Funkadactyls make quick work of the solo Bella Twin. The dancers turn on one another, as a split between the 2 seems a done deal.

Next, we get an update on the injured Bad News Barrett, who has now vacated the Intercontinental title after suffering a separated shoulder on last week’s Raw. The belt is now up for grabs at the Battleground PPV in a battle royal. Without missing a beat, Paul Heyman appears and proclaims his client (not that one!) Cesaro will be the one to take the title. Kofi Kingston is out to face the Swiss Superman. After the television break, we join Kofi in mid-celebration after he rolled up Cesaro for a surprise win. The King of Swing retaliates with an absolutely brutal beating on the outside, while Heyman sits and watches his charge deal out punishment.

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton prepare to slug it out

Vince McMahon’s music hits and, just when you think we’re getting a rare appearance from the boss himself, Damien Sandow powerwalks down to the ring in full Vinny Mac costume; or, as he calls himself, Vincent Kennedy McMandow. Stephanie appears on the titantron and puts him in a match with The Great Khali. A brain chop later and it’s over.

The touted return of a ‘former WWE Champion/cross branded social media superstar’ is revealed to be The Miz. He says he been off filming The Marine 4 and has returned to main event Wrestlemania again. Then the lights go out… BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Out of nowhere, Chris Jericho also returns to interrupt proceedings. Miz tries to run him down but catches a Codebreaker for his troubles. Then, in another twist, the lights go out again and the Wyatt Family appears, attacking Y2J. Could we see Bray Wyatt and Jericho at the Battleground PPV? Please, please, please, please, please!

Fandango takes on Dolph Ziggler next. Not much action to speak of as Summer Rae walks into the ring and kisses the Show-Off in front of her former dance partner. This provides enough of a distraction for Ziggler to hit the Zig-Zag for the win.

Rybaxel face off against Goldust and newly painted Stardust in a rematch from Money in the Bank. The Bizarre One is the subject of much of the beat down. The tables turn when he tags in his more bizarre sibling. A quick comeback and a new facebuster style finisher from the former Cody Rhodes and that’s 3.

The Divas champion Paige comes out to address the WWE Universe, only to be interrupted by the returning AJ. In a reversal of roles, AJ goads Paige into defending the title. After an initial toing and froing, AJ gets a roll up and regains the belt.

Seth Rollins: attempted to cash in for the first time

The tag main event gets underway with Triple H at ringside. Orton has 12 stiches in his head from the PPV, and he’s quick to take revenge on Roman Reigns. The Viper and Kane take turns in the beat down, before Cena comes in with the first of his five moves of doom. Reigns and Orton fight to the backstage area, leaving Kane to get disqualified. The Big Red Machine lays out Cena with a tombstone piledriver, prompting Seth Rollins to run out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Dean Ambrose makes good on his earlier promise and intervenes to ensure that doesn’t happen. Roman Reigns then returns in time to spear Kane, saving Cena from a further beating. The show ends with a stare down between Reigns and Triple H.

An eventful night. Big matches were made for the upcoming Battleground PPV, big returns took place and a title change was also thrown into the bargain. The battle royal for the IC title has the potential to be great. The fatal-four-way for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is also interesting against a background of the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose feud. The surprise returns of Chris Jericho and AJ add a bit of intrigue going forward. Good rebound show to set up the summer season in WWE.       

Match Results

Seth Rollins Def. RVD via pinfall

The Wyatt Family Def. Sheamus and The Uso’s via pinfall

Cameron and Naomi Def. Nicki Bella via pinfall

Kofi Kingston Def. Cesaro vis pinfall

The Great Khali Def. Damien Sandow via pinfall

Dolph Ziggler Def. Fandango via pinfall

Goldust and Stardust Def. Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall

AJ Def. Paige via pinfall to become the new Divas Champion

John Cena and Roman Reigns Def. Randy Orton and Kane via disqualification