WWE Raw results: Kane's surprise inclusion can't prevent Roman Reigns continuing his unstoppable rise against The Authority

Triple H announced that despite losing to John Cena last week, the Big Red Machine will be included in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Heavyweight Title

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The opening segment sees Stephanie Mcmahon confront Vickie Guerrero about her placing Roman Reigns in the WWE World Heavyweight Title ladder match. Stephanie makes her own match with Vicki as punishment for her actions last week, saying Vickie’s job will be on the line. There’s some decent back and forth, with Vickie getting in a line about how Guerrero is the one family name more respected than Mcmahon. She then does her ‘Excuse Me’ bit before storming off to squeeze into her leotard.

A prelude to their encounter on Sunday, the first match of the night has one half of the tag champs, Jimmy Uso, and one half of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper, do battle. A distraction by Erick Rowan costs Jimmy the win, prompting his brother Jey to immediately challenge the other Wyatt. Turnabout is fair play as Jey picks up the victory, and subsequently both Uso’s get beaten down for their troubles. Bray Wyatt appears on the Titantron and puts over himself and his family to win gold at the PPV.

The Divas are in action next as Naomi takes on the newly unstable Alicia Fox. Much of the attention, however, is focused on Paige and Cameron on commentary. They bicker over what is actually quite a competitive match, which has one half of the Funkadactyls pull out a modified DDT for the win. Still not sure who’s facing who on Sunday, though.

It’s BO time, as the inspirational Bo Dallas is the challenge for former Prime Time Player Titus O’ Neil. In a relatively short encounter, Bo gets the 1, 2, 3 after hitting the Bo-dog. I believe that makes him ‘9 and BO’. Is that enough Bo for you?

Triple H makes an appearance to talk about the respective Money in the Bank ladder matches at the PPV. In addition to the championship bout, they’ll also be a traditional briefcase up for grabs. He announces the participants in this match as Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam. The COO tips Rollins as the guy to get the contract, which brings the former ‘architect’ of The Shield out to the ring. He talks about how he’ll be calling himself ‘Mr Money in the Bank’ after Sunday.

RVD apparently takes exception to this and makes his way to the ring. Triple H makes the match. Some interesting acrobatics ensue as they trade blows. Rollins eventually hits his ‘kerb-stomp’ finisher and is about to pick up the win when he’s attacked by former Shield cohort Dean Ambrose. The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ demands to be put into the Money in the Bank match as he’s going to show up anyway and get Rollins. After much pleading from Rollins, Triple H obliges.

2 of the participants in the traditional Money in the Bank face off now as Bad News Barrett puts his Intercontinental Title on the line against Dolph Ziggler. The pair show fantastic chemistry in this epic encounter. High spots and false finishes abound in what is a very close to call match. The finish comes when the ‘Show-off’ gets hit in mid-air with the bull-hammer, which he sells like death. Fantastic stuff.

In a different vein, we’re then treated to the previously hyped face-off between Stephanie and Vickie. A large pool of brown liquid is revealed and a group of the Heel divas attack Vickie and try to put her in it. However, Vickie gets the upper hand and eventually throws Stephanie into the pool. There’re a couple of amusing moments; when she starts a ‘Yes’ chant and does her late husband Eddie’s  ‘Latino Heat’ taunt. She then blows Stephanie a kiss and waves goodbye. Not really a match, but fun nonetheless.

It’s an old favourite next, as The All American American American American, Jack Swagger faces Kofi Kingston for what must be the 1, 035 time. They go through the motions well, with the ‘Jamaican’ sensation hitting his usual high flying offence. Swagger grinds him down and hooks in the Patriot Lock for the tap out. Moving on, Big E takes on Damien ‘dress-up’ Sandow in his latest get-up; he makes quite a fetching Abraham Lincoln this time around. After squashing our ‘intellectual saviour’ into the ground, Big E calls out Rusev. Lana appears on the ramp and the Bulgarian Brute attacks him from behind. A clash between these 2 could be quite tasty at the PPV.

The main event brings together the same match-up as Smackdown last week. Roman Reigns, Sheamus and John Cena take on Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt in a 3-on-4 handicap match. Signature moves and finishers fly amongst a bunch of good spots. The finish comes when the Celtic Warrior hits Cesaro with the Brogue Kick for the pin. Kane appears and begins taking out everyone. Triple H pops up to announce his inclusion in the Money in the Bank title match. Roman Reigns then hits a surprise spear and stares down the game to close the show.

Some decent action going into Money in the Bank; Ziggler and Barrett is worth the time on its own. But it had the feeling of treading water before the PPV, adding not very much before what will undoubtedly be one of the best shows of the year.

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Luke Harper Def. Jimmy Uso by pinfall

Jey Uso Def. Erick Rowan by pinfall

Naomi Def. Alicia Fox by pinfall

Bo Dallas Def. Titus O’ Neil by pinfall

Seth Rollins Def. Rob Van Dam by disqualification

Bad News Barrett Def. Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

Jack Swagger Def. Kofi Kingston by submission

Big E Def. Damien Sandow by pinfall

Roman Reigns, Sheamus & John Cena Def. Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt by pinfall