WWE Raw results: Roman Reigns topples Kane as SummerSlam edges closer

Unpredictable build up to PPV event continues

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Brock Lesnar. Stephanie back in the ring. Could this year’s build-up to SummerSlam be any more unpredictable? Let’s find out.

Rather surprisingly, it was ‘The Authority’ who came down to the ring to begin with. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Kane, Triple H and wife Stephanie all smugly making their way to the canvas square.

HHH started off by gloating about how good SummerSlam will be and reminding viewers how they can watch the event and for how much. He then stated that there will be a ‘Beat the Clock’ competition between Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the winner being able to stipulate the type of match between the two in two weeks’ time.

Stephanie – underneath a chorus of boos – announced that she would be having a pre-match contract signing with Brie Bella, then, when Orton came to the microphone, out came Roman Reigns, the man that the Viper decimated last week.

Both men were itching for a fight but HHH decided otherwise, instead issuing a ‘Last Man Standing’ match between Kane and Reigns saying he hopes ‘the demon comes out tonight’ or more specifically, now.

Reigns recovers to be the Last Man Standing

Despite his inexperience, it was Reigns who started stronger, taking the fight to Kane outside the ring and using the steel steps in particular to his advantage. Kane, with Kendo stick in hand, briefly managed to recover, and at one point ended up choke-slamming his opponent through a table, only to see him rise at the count of nine.

Reigns got the win though, delivering a Superman-punch then a spear to Kane and, despite the Big Red Machine’s best efforts, he couldn’t beat the ten count.

Damien Sandow did his usual skit and came out dressed as an Oklahoma Sooner, the Texas Longhorns arch-rivals (the show being filmed in Dallas, Texas). Sandow’s opponent? Former-Longhorn and World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. It took all of ten seconds for the big man to deliver the World’s Strongest Slam and get the win.

Adam Rose then did something weird out back that involved him staring into an evil mirror. Yeah, an evil mirror.

Dean Ambrose was next in the ring in the first of the two ‘Beat the Clock’ matches, facing off against Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican definitely started stronger and was ruthless towards Ambrose, delivering numerous kicks to the head, while it was obvious that Ambrose was trying to pin Del Rio at any possible opportunity.

Both men had opportunities to win, the respective opponent only just kicking out, but Ambrose eventually claimed the victory after hitting Del Rio with a Dirty Deeds, clocking a not very respectable time of 15:42 in the process. It may not be the time Ambrose was wanting but it was certainly a good match.

Rusev and Sin Cara were due to face each other but unfortunately, the match started and finished during the ad break meaning you could only watch it on the WWE app. How convenient.

Just as Lana was singing a Russian version of Happy Birthday for President Obama, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out and started sticking up for the ‘real’ American people before the Russian assaulted Swagger with a Russian flag. It has now been confirmed that the two will face off against each other in a flag match at Summerslam.

Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler were next to compete in a quick match with the Miz commentating at ringside. Cesaro looked impressive but as he was showing off his impressive strength, Ziggler countered with a Zig-Zag. Ziggler got the win and the mental upperhand when he made Miz – who had entered the ring to taunt his opponent – flinch to the floor when he attempted to kick him.

Stardust and Goldust finally returned to tag-team action after a few weeks in the back doing nutty sketches. Their opponents were Ryback and Curtis Axel and the nutty pair picked up the victory after the Stardust hit Axel with Dark Matter.

Following the match HHH and Stephanie were seen talking to Kane in the back, getting the superstar to remove his mask and leaving it with them. Is this the end of Kane’s role in The Authority?

Y2J attacked by SummerSlam opponent Bray Wyatt

After Chris Jericho defeated Erick Rowan on Smackdown - meaning he can’t be at ringside when Jericho faces Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam - it was time to see if he could do the same to Luke Harper. Y2J was on the back foot throughout but just when he locked in the Walls of Jericho, Wyatt came to the ring and attacked him, giving him the win via disqualification, not that he could celebrate afterwards as Wyatt delivered a Sister Abigail, leaving him prone in the ring.

Diego and Fandango continued their rivalry with the latter bringing Hornswoggle to the ring after Diego’s El Torito, Layla and Summer Rae having cost him in recent weeks. It didn’t work though as Fandango ran into Hornswoggle and Diego delivered a back breaker giving him the win, before the group invited Hornswoggle to celebrate with them.

Bo Dallas had a chance to avenge his first-ever loss by facing off against the man who gave it to him, R-Truth.  Truth was having none of it though, obviously annoyed after Dallas’ attack after the bell last week, but his opponent did manage to avenge the loss after rolling Truth up with some help from his tights. It was Truth’s turn to flip after the bell, but it backfired after Dallas hit a Running Bo-Dog onto the arena floor.

Time for the second ‘Beat the Clock’ match and surely Seth Rollins could defeat Rob Van Dam in a shorter time than Dean Ambrose’s earlier effort? To put it simply, no. The Authority removed RVD before the bell and replaced him with Heath Slater, but then something strange happened. Slater won.

Ambrose came down to ringside and continuously distracted Rollins, taking his Money in the Bank briefcase, ripping up his contract, and filling the briefcase with drink and soda. Rollins was distracted so much that Slater was able to roll him up from behind and get the shock victory, meaning that Ambrose can now stipulate the type of match at Summerslam.

Our last event of the night came with Stephanie and Brie Bella’s SummerSlam contract signing. After trading insults and Brie stating that ‘this match is for everyone on the roster who you tortured week after week’, Stephanie signed the contract. Then things turned ugly.

Stephanie first hit Nikki with the microphone before HHH trapped Brie in the corner as his wife hit Nikki with a pedigree. Brie then hit HHH but Stephanie slammed her head into the table before delivering another pedigree, leaving both girls lying senseless in the ring. Is this the scene we’ll see in two weeks at SummerSlam?


Roman Reigns DEF Kane

Mark Henry DEF Damien Sandow

Dean Ambrose DEF Alberto Del Rio

Rusev DEF Sin Cara

Dolph Ziggler DEF Cesaro

Stardust and Goldust DEF Ryback and Curtis Axel

Chris Jericho DEF Luke Harper via DQ

Diego DEF Fandango

Bo Dallas DEF R-Truth

Heath Slater DEF Seth Rollins